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Last week in the Brands App:

Short post this week; we’re going to look into the entire population of brands and accounts that have been analyzed. We look into which brands are most popular now, which segments are most common, and whether accounts following multiple brands add value to your brands analysis.

This week’s section:

Brands App MetricsBrands App Metrics

Brands App Metrics

Since we launched the Brands App earlier this year, we have analyzed close to 30 million tweets from more than 1 million Twitter accounts. All of this done on behalf of the 350 users who have tried the app. The 350 users have requested information for more than 370 brands. Which brands are followed the most?

Top 10 Brands Followed in order of popularity (excluding the default brand ):

The engaged users for these brands and others are segmented into our five brand personalities:

  • Daring: Spirited, Imaginative, Up-To-Date People
  • Reliable: Consistent, Intelligent, Successful People
  • Sophisticated: Upper Class, Charming People
  • Rugged: Outdoorsy, Tough People
  • Wholesome: Down to Earth, Honest, Cheerful People

About 50% of the engaged users we’ve profiled fall into either the Daring or Reliable segments. Sophisticated and Rugged users make up about 40% of the population profiled. And the final 10% are Wholesome.

As for the folks who engage with a particular brand, we also looked at how many appear for multiple brands. It turns out that not many overlap into more than a single brand (about 0.5%). Of course, that’s based on brands that have been analyzed in our app, so until we’ve looked at every possible brand, this metric is not yet that useful. But it does shed light into what we call the “power” accounts that follow and engage with many brands. These type of people are typically looking to win promotions when we look closer at their accounts. Research shows that this kind of engaged user, influenced by social media promotions, not only responds through purchasing they also experience short-term brand loyalty.

What have you discovered that’s interesting using the app? What can we do to make it more useful for you? We’re working on a new release of the app and would love to get lots of feedback! Email me with any questions, feedback, or comments at